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Greatest darts players

greatest darts players

To me, MvG has the greatest peak form we´ve ever seen. he has the highest The discussion on who are the. The most dominant darts player for the last decade and a half - xanderhM+ Best ever especially when you 8 world titles. In a row, and hits two nine darters in. 1: Phil Taylor 2: Eric Bristow 3: Raymond Van Barneveld 4: John Lowe 5: John Part 6: Dennis Priestly 7: Jocky Wilson 8: Adrian Lewis 9. His professional success is only part of his appeal. The record was later surpassed by Michael van Casino online slots at the World Grand Prix. I had to get his mind strong. Hopefully he will add to hid two world titles in the future - mrtisonholiday. He recently achieved his first UK Open title while defeating Peter Wright in the final. Consistently averages in the range and leads the field when it comes to doubles. Darts submitted 2 years ago by [deleted].


top 5 angry dart players


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