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Bluff card game rules

bluff card game rules

AKA Bullshit, I doubt it. Decks One Players Ideally four or more. Aim To get rid of all your cards without being rumbled. Difficulty 1/5. Learn how to play the classic card game for children, I Doubt It. Also known as B.S. and Cheat. "Bullshit" (also known as " Cheat ","I Doubt It", " Bluff ", "BS" & "Liar") is a multiplayer card game that involves a lot of courage, deception, and trying to get rid of all.

Bluff card game rules - ein

You can then on later turns use the actual cards that match the rank, which players will be more likely to incorrectly call bluff on. Be the First to Leave a Comment. If it is the wrong card, the player who bluffed must take all the cards from the pile. These should be evenly distributed amongst the players. Dice Games Indoor Games Pen and Paper Games Word Games All. How to spice it up Play with two packs, which makes it harder to keep track of things. bluff card game rules


How to play Bullshit


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